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  1. Cut the tube to smooth, right angle and remove burrs by using the tube cutter.
  2. Set in the nut and sleeve and make the eat-in part to the tube.
  3. Make sure the tube is setted into the A part of joint body and lubricate the contact, rotating part.
  4. Screw in the nut slowly with average force by using the wrench, and stop as soon as the steel tube can not be turned anymore by hand. In the meantime, the sleeve is about to eat into the position of the steel pipe.
  5. Lock in 1 ¼ 1 ½ and turn starting from the position in 4.; as a result, the sleeve is eatened into the tube completely.
  6. It's the preparation for the job from 2.~5., you can use special tools or tighten the VICE directly with the connector and loose afterwards. Starting from the time point when a sudden increase in the locking power, rotate back 1/6 ~ ¼ (This step is to produce elasticity by bending the sleeve so that we can avoid loosening and increase resistance to pressure and shock), while installing on the actural pipeline.
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